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Choosing The Best Enclosure Hinge

Electrical Enclosures generally offer two types of covers; hinged and non-hinged. A non-hinged cover is secured to the base using 4 cover screws and completely detaches from the base when access to controls is needed.

In contrast, a hinged cover remains attached to the base at all times and swings open just like the doors on your kitchen cabinets. Hinged covers come with many benefits – the most notable being easy of access to components in the field. Hinged doors come in handy in high up and hard to reach locations, allowing technicians to access components with our fumbling with (and potentially dropping) the enclosure door.

Integra Enclosures offer various hinge types on our enclosures to handle the diverse industry applications needed by our customers. The type of hinge you select determines the ease of installation, range of motion, replacement method, and most importantly the security of the inside components.

Polycarbonate Enclosure Hinge Types

EZ Hinge: Integra’s standard EZ hinge allows for easy door removal and replacement in the field. It also allows ease of access to the components inside the enclosure with a full 255-degree door swing. This 100% non-metallic hinge is molded into the base and cover of the enclosure, allowing the two pieces to snap together with one fluid motion. Both the Premium Line and Impact Line offer this versatile hinge.